The Northern Alberta Primary Care Research Network (NAPCReN) is a family physician and multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers and clinicians in primary care. We are working together to improve practice by evaluating our practices and addressing questions that arise from our clinical practice.

NAPCReN supports research relevant to the primary care setting, with a wide range of studies relating to topics such as chronic condition surveillance, management, prevention and screening. Research studies are designed to provide timely and scientifically rigorous outcomes with local relevance and international significance.

NAPCReN partnerships

NAPCReN is also one of the primary care research networks from across Canada that contribute data to the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN), a multi-disease electronic medical record-based surveillance system in Canada funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

CPCSSN collects data on chronic diseases to help understand the epidemiology of disease in primary care contexts and improve patient outcomes and health system processes. This information is shared with governments, planners, health care practitioners and researchers.

NAPCReN will also become the northern node of the Alberta provincial primary care research network, which is currently under development.


Alberta, Canada     (NAPCReN highlighted in white)   

Alberta, Canada


(NAPCReN highlighted in white)