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NAPCReN is a network of family physicians, clinicians and researchers that use data generated in real world primary care clinical settings to inform practice or answer questions. Whether you’re interested in developing your own study, examining your practice, or contributing to the work of others, NAPCReN is a great way to get involved in research. 

Participating clinicians work closely with primary care researchers who facilitate proposal development, applications for research funding, development and implementation of research protocols, and analysis and dissemination of findings. Members also have access to specialized methodological support through the Departments of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary.

We conduct meetings with NAPCReN members at their respective clinical practice sites. These meetings are designed to keep clinicians abreast of project developments, to solicit project support and feedback from members, and to foster collaboration and collegiality.

NAPCReN members are eligible for participation in The Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN), Canada’s first multi-disease electronic medical record sentinel surveillance system. CPCSSN collects anonymized data from the electronic databases of selected representative samples of family physicians and their patients. Participating physicians can request detailed reports of their clinic data, designed to support monitoring or evaluation of their practice.



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